Oil & Gas

The large growth in the world petroleum markets, due to the dramatic increase in consumption, have pushed the need to find & develop new oil and gas fields.

NNH Energy works diligently with major oil companies around the globe who show dedication to the exploration and cost effective production of these wells. Our efforts in the exploration and production field have been concentrated on assessing undiscovered reserves and optimizing hydrocarbon recovery through new cost effect reservoir management methods. These practices are key to minimizing the environmental impact of our oil well.

As part of our commitment to the sustainable development of the global oil and gas industry we launched the ‘Nelvik Sustainability Plan’ in 2011. This plan ensures a balance between consumer demands and the Earth’s available resources. Our track record in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) sets benchmarks globally.

Though our network of subsidiaries and strategic alliances we provide complete petrochemical solutions, including crude oil and gas transportation, to provide a smoother service experience for our buyers.

Around the world NNH Energy in a leader in consortium agreements and Joint Ventures for exploration and production projects.

Nelvik Norsk Hydro Engineers demonstrating well testing equipment at Petrobras facility in Mossoro, Brazil.


We employ only 100% sustainable practices and take extra measures to protect and enhance the environment where we work.
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