Solar Roof Array Solar Carport

Solar Energy

The sun has always been our greatest source of energy, providing warmth and the energy for plants and animals to flourish. It has taken over 150 years since Alexandre Edmond Becquerel first discovered photo-electricity for us to use it practically, and NNH Energy offers cutting edge technologies for your installation.

As both a solar module manufacturer with proprietary technologies and a systems integrator, we are committed to developing high-quality solar modules and installation techniques which maximize your investment.

Our panels offer top 3 panel efficency in the world according to independent review. Additionally as one of only three manufactures globally capable of mass producing speciality curved panels for use with buildings or cars, NNH Energy can add exceptional knowledge and stength to your project and unlock new advancements. One such recent project was a vehicle which automatically defrosted the windows using solar power, leaving the car battery fully charged for starting the engine.

Talk to us today to become part of a brighter tomorrow.