Wind Energy

Wind energy has been used to produce electricity for over 100 years. While early wind turbines commonly caused problems with excessive noise or bird mortalities, modern turbines are bird-friendly, whisper quiet and available in a number of designs from artistic to almost impossible to see.

It gives us great pride to offer commercial and industrial grade wind turbine systems we tailor for your installation. With over 80% of wind energy costs consumed by the construction of the towers, we've put exceptional resources into technologies which drive cost saving and increase the efficency of our customers turbines.

We are so proud of our turbine technologies that we are currently in the process of building new production facilities in South America to expand our manufacturing capacity and further increase cost effectiveness for our customers.

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Spiral style turbines powered by the passing vehicles. A creative way of capturing usable energy from a passive and uninvasive source.

The Right Choice

The American Wind Energy Association has estimated that the use of U.S. wind turbines maybe able to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air by up to one-third